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    The Baywatch Bikini Breath

    Here’s how it works: Stand up and say, “I am the greatest”–not only out loud, but in your posture. Remember, your body speaks volumes. Take a long slow belly breath, inhaling through your nose. Lock the breath inside your body and hold it for four times as long as you inhaled. For example, if you inhaled to the count of four, hold it to the count of sixteen. Now, exhale through your mouth twice as long as you inhaled. Again, using the four example, exhale to the count of eight.

    The ratio is always one–four–two.
    If you breathe in to the count of five, it’s hold for 20 – (four times five), exhale for ten (two times five). If it’s three, it’s hold for twelve, exhale for six. You get the picture …
    After a while, you’ll notice that your lung capacity is improving. At first, your inhale might only last to three counts. Eventually, you’ll be able to inhale to the count of eight or ten or who knows? Remember your lungs are muscles that get better with use.
    The reason you hold the breath inside your body is because it floods your cells with health-giving energy. The extra-long exhale squeezes out toxins.
    And if you’re going to do something, you might as well make it fun. So I’ve come up with this modification.
    Forget about numbers. After all, how much fun is it to count to seven over and over again. You simply inhale as long as it takes to mentally say, “Baywatch Bikini, here I cone.”
    Then you hold the breath inside your body, “Baywatch Bikini, here I come once. Baywatch Bikini, here I come twice. Baywatch Bikini here I come thrice. Baywatch Bikini, here I am.” Now you let it out or exhale to “Baywatch Bikini, here I come once. Baywatch Bikini, here I come twice.”
    And you do this ten times. Three times a day. If Baywatch Bikini gets old and tiresome, make up your own mantra. Something like “I am skinny, look at me.” or “Eat your heart out, I’m a babe.” Be creative. Have fun. Just make sure you inhale deeply for as long as you can. It’s in through the nose, out through the mouth. Remember, never strain. Just make it a deep, relaxing, enjoyable breath.
    This is the breath is particularly powerful to try it right after you eat. Your metabolism always kicks in after a meal because, well, it now has extra work to do. By giving it extra oxygen, your body’s metabolism can work at warp speeds.

    Excerpt from Pam Grouts Book “Jumpstart Your Metabolism”

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